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Pioneering plastic recycling for a greener Indonesia

Arkad is the first commercially viable plastic recycling company in Indonesia. Join us and embark in the journey of making Indonesia greener.

What we solve

90% plastic waste ends up in landfills

Indonesia generates more than 3 millions of tonnes of plastic waste. Unfortunately, only about 10% gets recycled. Arkad aims to increase the amount of plastic waste that can be recycled in order to protect our environment.


Modern problem requires modern solution

State-of-art solution through innovation

We have developed an innovative waste processing system that leverages pyrolysis technology to turn plastic waste into pyrolysis oil. Through countless hours of R&D effort, we've perfected our system, ensuring an effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

Partner with us

The first commercially-viable in Indonesia

Our pyrolysis oil is certified and we have the capacity to deliver at scale. We are trusted by our partners for our reliable and sustainable service. Let us invite you to learn and explore our services. For better future​ in Indonesia, and the world.

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