Edging towards circular economy.

We turn waste from households, restaurants and factories into valuable products, ensuring a sustainable environment for all.

One day, waste will be a solved problem.

Arkad was founded with the mission of transforming Indonesia's waste industry for a more sustainable environment.

The current consumption model focuses too much on one side — the unearthing of resources and the manufacturing into consumables. This model has proven to be unsustainable, generating 200,000 tonnes of waste residues daily, polluting the environment.

The solution is to complement the model by also focusing on the other side — finding ways to turn waste residues into some other forms that are valuable and usable.


Only by focusing on both sides of the equation, would we be able to fulfill our duty of providing a sustainable environment for us and also for the generations to come.

Let's make the shift from consumption economy to circular economy together, now.

Work with us.

Our company is only as good as the people who build it. We’re proud to bring together people of all backgrounds and experiences who love working together to solve problems. Let's build things together.