Make money from your kitchen's used cooking oil.

Thousands of restaurants and factories in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru profits from having us collect their used cooking oil. Your turn now.

What we do.

We recycle used cooking oil into biofuel.

Used cooking oil is waste product. In Jakarta alone, kitchens dump a total of 390 thousand litres of them every day, with most of them ended up polluting clean waters or illegally re-used for cooking.

The solution is simple - recycle them into environmentally-friendly biofuel.


We do it hassle free.

Own a kitchen? Let us collect the used cooking oil.

We have been trusted by thousands of households, restaurants, hotels, food factories, and hospitals to collect and manage used cooking oil from their kitchens on a regular basis.

You no longer need to worry about disposing the waste. Best of all, you'll be paid for every litre we collect.

Partner with us.

Are you a biodiesel manufacturer? We're your raw material supplier.

Our used cooking oil is ISCC-certified. We strive to maintain high standard through several filtration processes, making sure of its fitness as a raw biofuel material.

The oil is exported from Jakarta around the world and we typically handle medium to large volumes from 60MT onward.

Collect with three simple steps.

Collect at least 20 litres of used cooking oil in spare bottles or jerry cans​.


Contact us on WhatsApp in order to schedule collection on your premise.​

Get paid.

Wait for our staff to come and collect the used cooking oil​.